Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hello world...

Well, this seems to be it. After years of thinking that I should have a blog, I'm finally starting one. I can't promise I will post every week (which is my intention for now - this is most definitely not a daily blog), but I will try to keep this alive. There have been many events that led to this, but the most recent ones were Cristina (Costa, @cristinacost) inviting me to join the "1 pic a day" challenge, and me agreeing to review a book, "The Connected Educator", by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (@snbeach) and Lani Ritter Hall (@lanihall). One of the upcoming posts is in fact that review (I promise, Sheryl!).
For now I will be writing as a reflection exercise, and mostly for myself: I am not delusional nor is my intention to have a massive audience. But I think I should practice what I preach, and this is one piece of my digital identity that has been missing for a long time. So, here we go!

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