Monday, 16 April 2012

1 pic a day 2012: March

Another month, another batch of pictures: 31, in this case. It's spring now in Barcelona, which shows; there are more pictures of flowers and plants this time around, most of them from our balcony. Mediterranean weather is great!

There is #foodporn, of course, and several pictures from around the neighbourhood. We are relatively new to this area of Barcelona, and the 1 pic a day challenge has forced me to keep my eyes open and look around, which is good. For March 14th, or 3.14, PI day, I ended up posting concentric circles instead of the pie (well, cake) I baked for my Maths class that day. It's actually a ceramic piece shoot from above; it was created by a renowned artist from Paraguaná, where I lived between 1991 and 1995. I had several of his pieces, but my cats at that time, Tonto and Negro, managed to break them all. This one was a gift from my mother.

I particularly like March 16th, 76/366; the reflection of the wine on the tablecloth is amazing! And the #foodporn that day was out of this world. All in all, there are five pictures whose subject is reflections or tricks of light: 64/366 (solar halo), 76/366 (wine magic), 82/366 (a square after the rain), 83/366 (liquid Sagrada Familia) and 88/366 (rainbow on the stairsteps); again, because of the sunny weather and the scattered rains.

My cats don't show up in March, although we do have a feline guest appearance on 90/366, March 30th. The last picture is a tulip from the balcony, a nice surprise since I didn't remember planting those bulbs!

Although many times it's just a question of "Ok, I HAVE to post something today", most of the time there's a lot of thinking behind the pictures that end up here; in fact, I am creating a folder of "almost-made-it" pictures (probably to be featured on their own post). So I was thinking that I could manage to do more frequent posts if I do them around the pictures. That would mean that any post not related to #1picxday would be lost among all the picture-related ones; but I think I'm going to try it anyway. I'm nowhere near the point of needing two (or more) blogs and I seriously doubt there's a big enough audience for one, let alone two. We'll see.

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