Thursday 17 January 2013

Personal Learning Environments and Innovative Leadership

Back in November 2012 I was contacted by Yusra Visser, who is one of the guest editors for a special issue of the Quarterly Review of Distance Education, inviting me to contribute to it by participating in an interview about innovative leadership and PLEs. I was honored to be asked, and the idea seemed very attractive: to discuss the role of PLEs as tools for innovation in education; so of course I said yes. So about three weeks ago, I was interviewed by Bruce Campbell, who had the patience to listen to me for over an hour. It was actually a very interesting experience for me, as I reflected on some of the projects and initiatives I have been involved in, including the PLE Conference and my PhD dissertation.

Besides the paper, that is now on the final stages to be sent for publishing, there is an audio file with the whole interview. Yusra and Bruce asked me to post it somewhere so it could be accessed, so I proposed to write a short post and upload it here. I plan to revisit this post soon, and maybe produce shorter files, roughly following the questions I was asked during the interview. That way, if anyone wants to listen to that section, they don't have to download or listen to the whole file.

Anyway, here's the interview.

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